Funniest Therapy Memes for People Who Basically Treat It as Social Hour

There are a lot of different reasons people begin therapy Sometimes ts for someone else, they have someone in their life that wants them to work through something, or they do it because it is required by law, hey it happens. Hopefully, most people voluntarily find themselves sitting on one of those cushy couches. It’s definitely a big step to begin therapy, it can take you back to some pretty dark places, and some of us kinda lose our optimism in that way. You know what they say, ignorance is indeed bliss. But once you begin therapy there’s usually a, brighter feeling that takes over you as well. And eventually, you get so comfortable with your therapist that you basically just use it as your gossip outlet.


So whether you’re in therapy, considering it, or just want to laugh at some funny therapy memes, we have got the perfect list for you.