Funniest Therapy Memes for People Who Simply Like to Talk About Their Problems, or at Least Get a Rush from it

A lot of the time we don’t really enjoy working through our issues, especially in front of other people. But some of us honestly don’t mind it at all. perhaps our preferred coping mechanism is talking it through because it’s just the way that we’re most comfortable with doing things. Some people just love to talk about their problems. For many of the it doesn’t even really matter who the audience is, they’ll dive into their issues regardless of whom their speaking to. It can be a therapist, but it can also be their teacher, or it could be their bestie, or their bestie’s mom, it really doesn’t matter.


A lot of people can’t stand the thought of speaking through their problems, but it is just interesting to point out all of the differences in coping skills. So if you love therapy, you’re not alone. Sometimes it really does just feel like a little gossip session, and hey that’s kind of okay. Right? Anyway, let’s enjoy these memes together.