Funniest Tweets About Nick Cannon’s Wild Fatherhood Habits as He Welcomes His 9th Baby to the World

Nick Cannon is still “Wild ‘N Out,” if your definition of wilding out is having more children than one man should have. Over the past year, Nick Cannon has been in the news not for his work as a comedian, host, or rapper, but as an absentee father. Since 2020, he has become the father to six kids, and that’s not including the three that he already had. Today, his 9th child was born. To put this in perspective, his 8th child was born two months ago, and his 10th child will likely be born in two months. 

Nick Cannon is clearly a man with a breeding problem, and soon enough there will be more members Nick Cannon’s direct bloodline roaming the world than descendants of any other man. If you’re invested in this never ending cycle of birth announcements, you’ll love the hilarious tweets about Nick Cannon’s stints at fatherhood