Funniest Work Memes for Corporate Millennials That Are Underpaid and Overworked (February 22, 2023)

After every 3 day weekend lies the eminent dread of returning to your corporate office. All weekend, you lived the good life, sipping white wine spritzers at 11am, BBQing with your friends, and relaxing in pajamas whenever you felt like it. Now, you’ve pulled up to your office parking lot in your tastefully luxurious company car and you’re wondering what could possibly await you inside your cubicle that’s better than the blissful, stress-free weekend you just enjoyed? From obsessively checking your work phone over the weekend, you know you have over 1000 emails to get to and unfinished “goals” for 2023 that you need to submit to your boss by last Friday. If only real life could be like a 3 day weekend instead of the life of mid-level management at a corporate office.