Funny AITA Posts Written From the Perspective of Cats

When cat rescuer @ellle_em was having a bad day, they turned to Twitter and made a very specific request. “Please reply to this tweet with an AITA written from the perspective of your cat and also include a photo of said cat I would appreciate this very much” tweeted @ellle_em. Boy oh boy did Twitter deliver. After @ellle_em got the ball rolling with some posts featuring a bunch of their lovely-looking rescues, other Twitter users got in on the joke and shared stories about their own mischievous kitties. If you’re unfamiliar with r/AmItheAsshole, it’s basically a place on Reddit where people ask a bunch of strangers whether they were morally in the wrong after explaining their situation. After scrolling through @ellle_em’s thread, I’m convinced there should be a real AITA subreddit for cats. Someone please make this happen.