Funny and Relatable Tweets About That Weird Time Between Christmas & New Years

It’s a miracle that you’re reading this list. It has nothing to do with you, dear reader. It has to do with the fact that I have no concept of what day it is, I’m bloated from holiday feasting, and pretty sure I’m still fighting a 3 day hangover from trying to drink away the pain of being with family. The period between Christmas and New Years is famous for its murkiness. One day can feel like three. We melt into our couches, filled with the scraps of that turkey, ham, or (perhaps) a tofu roast, retaining water like its nobody’s business. 

While some people would encourage a little physical activity or a cold shower to snap out of this hazy existence, the veil of lethargy makes both of those efforts sound wildly unappealing. Instead, we’d rather scroll through clever observations and memes from Twitter that confirm what we already know: That these days between Christmas and the new year are days of limbo. They’re days of confusion, snacking, and hopefully less grinding than usual. Because frankly, our brains can’t handle it.