Funny Instances of Kids Completely Butchering Names

Everyone makes mistakes. Most of my past relationships fall into that category. While some mistakes can be funny, those errors in judgment resulted in zero laughs. We’ve said before that it’s a bit unfair that when kids are stupid, it’s cute and chuckleworthy – but when we are, it’s just embarrassing. Turns out this goes for when they screw up names, too. For all the bungled introductions I’ve experienced (people always assume my name is actually Rihanna), none of the goofs have stuck. But kids. Kids run with their adorable mistakes, which can lead to a lot of confusion on a parent’s end. Worst of all, if your kid insists their friend “Trash” instead of “Trish,” you may get caught trying to be polite in an incredibly misguided way. 

When Twitter users @BrianneKohl shared the tale of her daughter’s friend “Internet,” many parents chimed in with their own kids’ wholesome screw ups. And boy, are they entertaining.  We’ve rounded up the tweets that tickled us the most, but there’s a whole lot more where these came from.