Funny Marvel Memes For MCU Superhero Fiends

In the debate of Marvel vs. DC comics, I feel like most of the world has agreed that Marvel is the superior IP. Even the most DC pilled person can admit that they have a much larger variety of heroes than DC has. The foundational units of DC are Batman and Superman, but mostly Batman. Personally, I can’t help feeling inclined towards DC based on the strength of the Batman brand alone.

One of my favorite things about Batman are his villains. Gotham City has no shortage of weird guys and girls who want to take the titular man down. Sure, the Joker is beyond iconic, but what about the Riddler? Poison Ivy? The Penguin? Harley Quinn? Where did all these weirdos come from? In my book, the most minor and stupid of Batman villains (The Puzzler) triumph over the most “rad” superhero that the MCU could provide. If you strongly disagree with that sentiment, the following memes are perfect for you.