Funny Memes For Backyard Birders & Ornithologists Alike

There are memes for almost any subculture. You just need to know where to look. This became really clear to me after diving into the nerdy world of birding. As a kid, my Dad and I would visit parks and marshlands, Audubon book in hand, looking for birds both rare and common. While my favorites were always colorful or endangered (Roseate Spoonbill, anyone?), I’ve since broadened my formerly particular affections for avian life. 

While I never stopped enjoying scoping out the trees and forest floor for feathered critters, my interest in the pastime really exploded after I started playing Wingspan, a board game you win by creating the best bird sanctuary. Yes, it’s nerdy. But it’s also super fun and kind of therapeutic. After I got into the game, I started looking for other ways to satisfy my need for bird-related content. And Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram really came through. One of my favorite communities is the Birding Memes Facebook group, a haven for birders of all levels who happen to have excellent sense of humor. If that sounds like you? Well, you’re in luck. Because we’ve collected some of their latest and greatest memes to share with the Memebase masses. Happy scrolling.