Funny Memes & Pics For Incurable Cat People

I never thought it would happen to me. As a child I was taught to hate cats. My mom had some weird grudge, probably because she grew up with small Dachsunds who could definitely die at the paws of even the prissiest house-dwelling feline. One day, however, she found a black cat in the backyard. She named her “Spooky Boo,” and was very obviously developing a fondness for the creature. Eventually, she discovered that the cat had five, maybe six kittens in our compost box. A smelly but warm refuge from the dreary and cold fall weather.

My mom ended up adopting the runt of the bunch, and she was named Chicken. While I did like the little freak (who was raised by a rottweiler-mastiff mix), it wasn’t until a couple years later that I succumbed to cat fever, thanks to an ex-boyfriend with two chattery, fluffy Maine Coons. 

Since the start of my affection, I’ve managed to adopt two cats that dwelled in my backyard. They’re looking pretty comfy, but I have to say that raising cats is harder than you think. They’re demanding, moody, and can be annoying. But worst of all, I really, really miss them when I’m away from home. All this fuss may be due to my probably case of Toxoplasmosis, but whatever the cause, I really enjoy good cat memes and cute cat pics. And now I’m here to share them with you.