Funny Memes That Are Too Funny

What does it mean to be funny? I have been told I’m funny on occasion. Whenever I say a little quip or joke socially, it tends to get a laugh. I may or may not have devoted the last six years of my life to doing comedy and trying to be the funniest person I can possibly be. But does that all mean that I’m funny? It’s a very subjective thing. One person might think I’m literally the funniest person alive, and another might think that I couldn’t be more unfunny. Comedy is not objective, and that’s what I like about it. 

Comedy is the quickest art form the age and the most likely to age poorly. Think about jokes and memes you laughed at 10 years ago; Who’s laughing now? Probably not you. Comedy lives and dies so quickly and painlessly, you blink, and you miss it. If you enjoy laughing and comedy, you might enjoy these effortlessly funny memes.