Funny Memes To Make Your Dry January More Manageable

I love little monthly challenges. They’re like microdosing major life changes without the annoying commitment. Some challenges are truly pointless or obvious jokes. No Nut November comes to mind as a goofy and pointless challenge that provides no benefit to those who take it on. There are drawing, creative writing, workout, and movie-watching challenges you could take any month. There are also challenges like Dry January and Sober October that help people exercise control regarding drinking. 

January is one of those months where it’s a lot easier to abstain from a lot of activities. Nobody wants to go outside, and it’s so much easier to chill inside and watch something stupid on TV. On the other hand, a long weekend is coming up, and it’s so tempting to brave the cold and party like there’s no tomorrow. If you’re temporarily sober, it might be hard to find stimulating activities to do without drinking. Luckily, the following memes might be just what you need to massage your brain for the next five minutes.