Funny Video Presents Solution to Annoying TikTokers on Airplanes

We feel so, so bad for people in service in this day and age. TikTokers think of public spaces as their stage, and turn almost any situation into an attention-seeking opportunity. One example of this behavior is when TikTokers (who are probably current or former theater kids) decide they should sing their fast food order at the drive-thru. If I were on the other side of the window, I would probably quit after the first instance of this idiocy. 

This cringey behavior isn’t relegated to the drive-thrus of America. You can find TikTokers terrorizing mall-goers, cashiers, waitstaff, and anyone who happens to be within ear or eyeshot of their antics. While we can usually walk away from the stupidity, there are places that lack an escape route. Like airplanes. If a TikToker (or TikTokers, plural) decided to grace the flight with song and dance, the rest of the plane can’t do anything but put on heir headphones, close their eyes, and pray for turbulence. Until now. 

YouTuber TheGuy uploaded this video a couple weeks ago, and it suggests there may be another way to stop the scourge of TikTok from torturing airplane passengers. It’s not an orthodox method of dealing with annoyances (and not without casualties) but my god is it hilarious. If this dude doesn’t win an Oscar…