Funny, Wacky, And Just Plain Bizarre Pick Up Lines That People Used on Dating Apps

First impressions are the cornerstone of dating. You can be as hot as humanly possible, and you still won’t get anywhere with somebody if you spend your time negging them or being rude (unless they’re into that). In this crowded field of single people desperate to get laid or feel loved, you can’t just work with the baseline of politeness and respect. You’ve got to try and do something that will make you memorable in comparison to every other match, and there is no more popular way of doing this than going for a pick up line. They may be unavoidably tacky, but they break the ice like no other — that is, if you do them right. Not every one liner is going to be a winner, but at least we can appreciate the creativity on show when people try some interesting ones. It beats telling Tinder matches how your day was fifty times over.