Futurama Memes That Aren’t Futurama Fry

One of the most well-circulated old image macros is the Futurama Fry meme. In it, you see our buddy Fry squinting. The top line typically reads “Not sure if X,” with “or just Y” as the bottom line, and is used to represent an internal monologue. It has always felt weird to me that this is the Futurama meme that stuck with people. In my honest opinion, Bender and Zoidberg have far more expressive stills and moments than this one from Fry. But alas, the meme makers of 2012 didn’t ask for my opinion. 

After all of the years of funny moments, cancellations, renewals after the cancellations, and network changes, Futurama accrued so much funny material for fans to meme. It has almost been ten years since the show ended, which makes me feel like I’ve been cryogenically preserved for a good period of time. If you’re a proud Futurama fan, these memes might make you Whoop Whoop Whoop Whoop Whoop!