Gen X Mom Whines About Being ‘Stuck’ Having More Kids Because Her Daughter is Getting Sterilized

The decision of whether of not to have kids can be one of the biggest things we will ever decide. There’s no denying that the shape of our lives changes drastically when we have numerous tiny people to raise. 

It could be argued that Millennials and Gen Z are especially conscious of this, as more of them actively make the decision to avoid procreating. While we are probably all better off with fewer parents popping out kids they don’t really want, not everybody is so happy about it. One of these people is an anonymous mom of a 22-year-old, lamenting the fact that her daughter was so certain on not having children that she was soon to get sterilized.

So far, so normal in the parental disappointment department. Where things get really crazy is that this Gen Xer has decided this means that she has to have more kids, because they need to reincarnate.

Understandably, Twitter users found this logic baffling. Nobody should be forced to have children for whatever reason, but surely all those ‘lost’ could could find someplace else to go.