Gen Z Moments That Are Either Next-Level Cringe or Brilliant Satire

The chaotic world of TikTok can feel overwhelmingly insular to anyone who doesn’t live on the app, and outsiders tend to assume that few over the age of 25 use it. But despite the fact that TikTok is heavily associated with Gen Z, the young cohort only makes up a surprising twenty percent of the social network’s user demographics. So why has Gen Z seemingly conquered the ins and outs of TikTok? Maybe it is the sheer volume of content that they are somehow able to churn out. Or maybe it is their idiosyncratic and ever-changing coded language they rapidly adapt to as it morphs in real time with the latest trends and viral phrases. Whatever the hell they are doing on the internet, it is usually either impossibly cringe or some brilliantly nuanced satire. We’ve collected some perplexing screenshots from Twitter account @genzmoments—take a gander and decide for yourself.