Good Gardening—A New Year: How Do You Prepare, When Do You Start Seeds?

​Painting by Josephine Wall – CC 3.0

Welcome back to Good Gardening! It is my great joy to restart this community and our discussions for the year 2023. After a mild winter, Italy is moving rapidly into an early spring, yet no doubt some of you are already seeding or starting in warmer climes.

For those in America’s northern reaches which proved themselves this winter to be a tundra, perhaps your seed cells, pots, and beds remain empty. But don’t worry, because as they say in Italy, “Forza e coraggio perche dopo Aprile viene Maggio!” (Strength and courage because after April comes May!”

With no reader-submitted content to share, I will open the discussion with one of my favorite gardening influencers, stealing a march on March with a February planting guide.

“More beings than most – Awake but one time a year – and with that are glad,” – Andy Corbley

Question 1: How do you prepare your garden for the growing season?

Question 2: Do you like to risk planting early or waiting until all fear of frost is gone?

Question 3: When does your growing season start, has it changed over time?

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