Good Honest Memes With Nothing To Hide

Listen, mister; these memes are good little memes. I promise they won’t bother you at all. If you ask each of these memes the same questions in different rooms, they will all give you the same answer. That’s how good these young whippersnappers are. These memes have never gotten into trouble before! If you leave them alone, I’ll go home and give them a good talking to, you’ll see. Please don’t search the meme shed. I promise, there’s nothing in there! Take it from me, an old geezer. I know when the slain corpses of 6 memes are hiding in a shed, and this is simply not one of those instances. Why don’t you just sit on the porch, one of our memes will make you some cocoa, and we’ll explain everything. Just stop asking questions! My memes have a way of making Questioning Quentins disappear… but in a completely non-violent way.