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  • Memes For The End of The World

    This week, the northeastern United States has been hit with an impenetrable wave of smoke and smog. Apparently, that silly little country up north decided it would be cute to have a couple of wildfires, and now I can’t stop sneezing! If you’re on the New York City side of Twitter, I’m sure you’ve seen […]

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  • Funniest Responses from New Yorkers About the Poor Air Quality from the Canadian Wildfires

    Well, as it keeps getting worse and worse environmentally out there, we have had yet another crisis that gives a glarring example of irreversible damage we’ve done to our planet. Yes, wildfires in Canada do come every year, they call it wildfire season. Funny thing about that though, is that it is WAY too early […]

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  • 30 Funny ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Memes To Pound At Paddy’s Pub

    Today, Mindy Kaling gave an interview that claimed that a show like The Office couldn’t be made today because it’s “so inappropriate” and people would be too offended. Essentially, she’s claiming The Office would be canceled in more ways than one. To that I say, yeah right There are a plethora of shows on the […]

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