Google’s “Year in Search” 2022 Has Been Released: Here are the Top Ten Most Ridiculous Things Americans Searched For

At the end of every year, Google puts out a list of the top-searched items in multiple categories including games, people, questions, songs, and more. There were plenty of searches that showcased a heartfelt belief in humanity’s ability to change. In fact, the most popular searches of 2022 began with the words “How can I…” and ended with multitudes of ways to make oneself or the world a better place. You can view the Google Year in Review video here.

While there were plenty of educational and humanitarian-related searches, there were also plenty to remind us how simple-minded and ridiculous we Americans can be. From simple games to entertainment; last-ditch efforts to get rich to condiment shortages, we have compiled the top ten most comical searches Google reported from 2022.