Greedy Landlord Thinks Tenants Should Tip Landlords Instead of Service Workers

We can all agree that of all the slimy jobs in the world, being a landlord is one of the slimiest. I would go as far as to say that it is a fake job. They act like they’re doing you such an excellent service by allowing you to live in their building when they don’t do anything to improve their properties yearly. When your hot water is broken, they don’t fix it themselves. They hire someone else who has the skills to fix it, if they even do that! 

One of the landlords from @twoguystakeonrealestate is in the running for the Worst Landlord of the Year award with his cheeky TikTok videos. In this skit, he claims that because landlords work so hard, they should get gratuity on rent instead of service workers like baristas. The intended comedic tone of the video did not go over very well, and many people are angry at the sheer audacity of this man.