Gut-Busting Memes To Increase Gut Health

If there’s one thing health and fitness people will do, it’s talk about gut health. I understand that it is important for your large and small intestines to function well, but I wish there were other ways to discuss it. Something about the word “gut” rubs me the wrong way. It hits my ear the same way “moist” does for many others. I know it’s supposed to be a sanitized way to describe your bowel movements, but IMHO, the word “gut” does not accomplish that goal. 

Even though I don’t like the word gut, I still like probiotic yogurt commercials. I can’t help it! When Jamie Lee Curtis comes on my screen to sell me some Activia I’m never going to buy, I get so excited! When women in yogurt commercials say, “this yogurt helps you stay regular,” instead of “this yogurt promotes gut health,” I get so stoked. There is no radder synonym for “solid poo” than “regular movements,” and you can quote me on that.