Guy Yells at Girlfriend for Refusing to Stop Contaminating Food, GF Accuses Him of “Fat Shaming”

Ever dated someone who acts like a giant toddler when they’re told they can’t just do whatever they want? Redditor u/throwawaycakegf‘s girlfriend is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. u/throwawaycakegf recently posted to r/AmItheAsshole after getting into an ongoing argument with his girlfriend over some cake mix. In his post, OP explains that he was helping his baker sister with her business by making wedding cake mix at home so she wouldn’t have so much to do in the shop. He noticed that his girlfriend kept dunking her fingers into the cake mix to have a taste. When he asked her to stop contaminating the food with her hands and to just use a spoon instead, she refused, arguing that using her fingers reminded her of her childhood. Sounds to me like she still hasn’t gotten past the childhood stage. 

It all came to a head when OP yelled at his girlfriend for repeatedly contaminating his sister’s cake mix. His girlfriend then attempted to evade accountability by accusing him of “fat shaming.” Keep scrolling for OP’s post and the subreddit’s reactions.