Heartwarming Moment Ex-Foster Kid Asks to Be Adopted by Family He Sold a Car To


There’s no substituting the need for family, and one young man raised in the foster care system hoped to find one in a pair of perspective car buyers he met last year.

Video shows the Wilkinsons family, who walked off the lot with a car and a new friend in April 2021, reacting tearfully to salesman Davon Woods’ recorded message asking them to become his ‘forever family’ and whether he could take their last name.

Growing up in the foster care system, the 27-year-old Woods said he never had a relationship with any parent ever, and after Sarah Wilkonson heard her story, she kept her and her parents in touch with Woods, attempting to reach out when they could

The Wilkinsons invited Davon for dinner on his birthday in August 2021 and to join them again for Thanksgiving later that year at their Savannah Georgia home. More than a year after their first encounter, Woods asked to become part of the family.

Although no legal adoption process has taken place, the Wilkinsons now treat Davon like family—which is all that really matters—and gave him the green light to become Davon Wilkinson.

“It was weird to be in a loving environment. I’ve never had a relationship with any parents ever, adoptive or biological,” said Woods. “It was something I’d always wanted. I’ve always wanted to say ‘this is my family.’”

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Davon has since quit his job and founded Foster Kids Matter, an organization dedicated to serving foster children in Georgia.

“I was inspired to become a foster kids advocate. If I hadn’t had that experience I would never have done it,” he added. “When you go without love for a long time and are presented with it, it’s weird. It feels like you’re starting a new job.”

LISTEN To Woods’ prepared speech. 

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