This in-depth course will teach you everything from creating a base salve or cream, to learning about the different oils, butters, waxes and their properties. You’ll also learn all about different essential oils and their incredible healing abilities. I’ll also guide you step by step with live demonstrations on how to make salves and lip balms from start to finish.I have been successfully formulating and creating salves, lip balms and ointments for many years now and I’ve loved every minute of it, I have the knowledge, should any skin condition arise, that I can create a purpose made salve or balm to heal it! I have also sold these salves with amazing reviews and can teach you how to do the same! Without knowing or even thinking about it, you probably have a handful of creams and ointments in your medicine cabinet right now, most are typically full of petroleum based chemicals and other strange ingredients that you CAN’T EVEN PRONOUNCE and often have a big list of side effects that may cause allergic reaction, hives, difficult breathing, swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat. With the knowledge you’ll learn in this course, you can go back to basics and make your own DIY natural and healthy salves, which are great for skin conditions, cuts and burns and also make amazing gifts! Best of all you: DON’T need any fancy equipment or a lab and you can make salves with ingredients you may already have or that are cheap and affordable and with equipment you definitely already have! Making your own salves, creams and lotions is easy and doesn’t need to be intimidating, I’ll share my knowledge starting from the history of salves and teach you everything from the successful creation of salves and even go onto teach you how to create a business selling salves, balms and ointments just as I have.