‘Here’s How You Break Up With A Friend’: Cringey Instructional Video Roasted By Humans With Actual Souls

In my 30-odd years of life, none of my romantic breakups have affected me quite like when I felt the pain of a friendship breakup. While it was not my fault (trust me), losing Magda and Molly (names changed for privacy) was probably the hardest experience of my life. It’s true that people grow apart, but the sudden break in what was once a beautiful and meaningful relationship is always jarring. There really isn’t a good rulebook for how to deal with the situation, but that doesn’t stop TikTokers and armchair psychologists from trying to showcase their “wisdom” in their ridiculous how-to videos. This past week I saw one such video on my Twitter timeline, but it wasn’t due to the fact that the video was actually helpful. Nay, it was – and still is – being roasted.