Hidden Camera Catches Clever Sheep Unlocking Gate to Free His Posse–And Solves a Mystery (Watch)

​Whitehouse Farm Centre / SWNS

A farm staff was stunned after it learned that one clever sheep had been unlocking a gate to let herself and her pals roam free.

The Whitehouse Farm Centre in Morpeth, England, had no suspects for the rash of break-outs in their barn.

They were left baffled when Lucy the one-year-old Leicester sheep and her two fellow ewes repeatedly escaped.

To solve the mystery, they installed a hidden camera—and got a huge surprise

Footage of the gate revealed that Lucy was pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes.

In the video below, she put her head through the wooden fence and then slid the bolt open by using her mouth.

The dextrous black and white sheep then pulls the gate inwards to open it and in a matter of seconds, Lucy and her companions are freed to explore the farm.

Whitehouse Farm Centre / SWNS

The animal even appears to look both ways, checking left and right for oncoming staff, before unlocking the pen and escaping.

Whitehouse Farm posted the video on their Facebook page, which went viral with tens of thousands of views and shares—and comments from viewers who were amazed at how intelligent Lucy’s escape plan was.

“The craziest part was that she knew she needed to open the gate inward,” said one user.

“And they say sheep are stupid,” joked another. “You have definitely shown them.”

In the post, Whitehouse Farm wrote, “OMG, a mystery has been solved today at Whitehouse farm.”

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“We have been puzzled for some time how the same pen of sheep keep getting out.

“Look what we caught on camera today!”

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