History Memes For Big Brained Humor Enthusiasts

There are plenty of memes bouncing around the Internet that leave a person with zero questions. You know, painfully relatable work memes, anything hyper-topical or catering to a specific niche, parenting memes. We get it: Work sucks, bosses also suck, parenting leads to serious lack of sleep, we all know the deal. When the basicness of these memes (and cat memes, and dog memes) gets to be dull, or we actually want to stimulate our withering brains, we turn to history memes. While we’re not history dunces, we can hardly pretend to be historians, which is actually quite good when you’re in our shoes. Being too well-read would render this historical humor just as dull as those relatable memes we mentioned above. Instead, history memes have us googling facts and plunging down deep into Wikipedia holes. Simply creating this fresh collection of history memes has taught us some fascinating (and upsetting) facts about world history. If you’re just as bored of the same old memes as we are, carry on. History awaits.