History Memes For People Who Like to Laugh at The Horrors of the Past

It’s true that the past however thousands of years have blessed us with technologies from the wheel to our iPhones. But there’s also been a lot of bad sh*t to come out of these technologies and relative progress of humanity. Weapons, war, racism, genocide, etc etc. The people of the past, whether on the “good side” or “bad sides” of history, would probably balk at the fact that we’re sitting here looking at memes about their trials and tribulations. Or at least we hope they would. That said, it’s better to joke about the horrors of history than forget them altogether. 

History memes are one way that terrible events – and sometimes positive ones-  are immortalized. While they may not seem PC, their predecessors like political cartoons are proof that people have been poking fun or satirizing these events for ages. So we’re here to bring some of the fresher types of this historical humor to your computer or phone screens. A little taste of the humor our generation will have to deal with for our own misadventures.