History Memes For People Who Like to Laugh at the Past

Many people say that history repeats itself. While that seems to be true (often for some of the more horrible events in history), we do think many things can change. One thing that won’t? Us rounding up galleries of history memes, where the humorous and the historical collide. In this batch of history-related humor, we cover a range of historical periods, from medieval times all the way up to the modern era. And for those who are particularly interested in war history, we’ve got a ton of memes that poke fun at some of the most significant and infamous wars in human history, such as World War I and the American Civil War. 

It may seem strange to enjoy memes about bloody wars or injustice, but they can occasionally offer unique and often insightful perspectives on the events and people they depict  – as well as a healthy dose of awareness for the social media-obsessed crowd.