History Memes That Might Actually Teach You Something

We here at Memebase feel that history memes are a special breed. I usually have one of two reactions to them.

A knowing smirk, chuckle, or nod at a meme dealing with history that I’m well-versed in. Shock, horror, and an hour-long voracious time-traveling trip through the depths of Wikipedia.

Generally speaking, I mostly react in the former manner. It’s good to feel smart. But every now and then a meme will introduce me to an era, event, or cultural tidbit that just leaves me feeling ill, but also craving more information. Unfortunately, there were more than a few memes in today’s batch that left me with a terrible taste in my mouth. In particular, the meme about why we know that humans are 72% water. Hint: the answer has to do with war crimes. 

While some of these history memes give us sobering glimpses at the past, others are, thankfully, slightly less unsettling. We’re hoping you agree with us.