Holiest of Holy Pope Memes That We Are #Blessed to Have Graced Our Feeds This Week

Okay, so we might not know much about the Vatican, the Pope, and Catholicism in general, but we do know memes—and the Pope, whoever it is at the time, has always been a great muse for memes. We pray to the meme gods and the pope memes it comes up with. We have no idea if this is a sin or sacrilegious, whatever that means, but it gives us a little chuckle, and laughing is not a sin! (We think…) If your religion isn’t able to have a few laughs and joke about itself, then we don’t want to be a part of it. So praise these meme and feel #blessed with the holiest of holy pope memes. He raps, he dances, and he even listens to the bible (on Audible probably). The Pope has to be a godly man of and for the people and what better way to make him more relatable than with memes?