Horrible Mother Doesn’t Bathe Her Son For a Month, Gets Angry When Her Grandmother Criticizes Her Parenting

 When I was a kid, I had to take a bath or a shower every day, a tradition I’ve continued throughout my life. When you’re a kid, you get dirty quickly and must be washed often. As I scroll through parenting TikTok, I get increasingly disgusted with the hot takes about hygiene. The number of moms I’ve seen online talking about only showering their kids once or twice a month baffles me. Anyone who thinks having their kid run around all stinky is healthy for them is a fool.

Some parents don’t bathe their kids enough because it’s part of some crunchy new-age regiment they’ve been sucked into. Others don’t do it because they literally do not have the capability to properly care for their child. Both of these are clearly examples of neglect. One mom in the latter situation went to Reddit to see if the criticisms she was getting from her mother and grandmother were valid.