Hospitality Memes For Hardened Hotel Workers

It’s Christmastime, and you know what that means. I am praying for every single person who has to work with the public. There’s something about this time of year that makes every customer about 55% more crazy than they would be on any old weekend in March. Everyone is tired right now, but that doesn’t mean we must take it out on hospitality and service workers. 

Hospitality workers see people when they’re at their worst…during vacations and business trips. Vacations are supposed to be a fun break from the normal drudgery of your daily life, but they often end up being even more stressful than your day-to-day. Business trips are supposed to be a more exciting part of a job but often end up boring and pointless. That built-up frustration of a mediocre trip has to come out some way, and often, it unjustly gets put onto the hospitality staff. If you’re a hospitality worker who is fed up, these relatable hotel memes might brighten up your night shift.