You may have heard of gut flora, microbiota, microbiome, commensals. These are the microbes that hitchhike on and in your body. You may have thought yeh fine a few little microbes and if I wash my hands enough they’re not gonna hurt. It’s true they won’t hurt in fact quite the opposite – they are essential for good health. They help digest your food, they produce the precursors to many of your neurotransmitters, they help control your weight, they are key components of a healthy immune system. and there aren’t just a few of them – there are between 40 and 100 trillion – that’s about 10 times the number of human cells you have in your body. This course explores the microbiota or gut flora. you will learn:- What and where it is- What it does- Why modern western living and diet gives it a hard time- How to look after it and make sure it’s healthy which means you are healthy. So welcome to this short course – let’s dive headlong into your gut and make acquaintance with your microscopic friends.