Over223,000 peoplefrom194countriesenrolled in Jimmy’s coursesOverall,32,000+ TOPReviews! FeaturedinEntrepreneur, Forbes, FoxNews, andBusiness Insidermagazinesformer Goldman Sachs and Allianz employee turned location independent entrepreneurWinnerof the firstUdemyInnovation AwardTop-rated Speaker at prestigious stages such as DNX, MindvalleyU, and DigitalKExplored 76 countries while running entrepreneurial venturesProcrastination is one of the most hated words in the English dictionary and for a reason. We all have those moments when we have to do something, we need to take that important step, but something is holding us back. That’s when we start rationalizing: “I will do it tomorrow”, “I will do it next week”.As we all know, “one day” and “someday” never come. The crazy thing is that we are often fully aware that we are procrastinating, but still. we can’t get ourselves to take action. Weeks pass by, months pass by and in some cases, full years pass by until we realize that some of our dreams ended up in a grave. One of the biggest pains in life is the pain of regret and you should do your best to avoid it. In this short course, you will learn my best strategies for identifying procrastination and killing it in the moments when it truly matters. Instead of overwhelming you with a huge variety of tools and (most probably) causing even more procrastination, I decided to share the strategies that were most powerful on my personal journey. Here’s what some students say about this course:”The instructor is very good and communicates the concepts in the most simple way imaginable! The course material is also built around simple yet powerful concepts which are so easy to understand! All along actionable steps are very well described, so that the students can actually try out the principals taught in the course! Overall a very crisp and interesting course!”- Sapan Shah5/5 Rating”I like the content of the course and the way it is explained, some of the concepts are really practical and will use them for overcoming procrastination. Thanks a lot.”- Krishna V5/5 Rating”Inspiring & practical course. Helped me to focus, even making me switch off during the lectures & get on with all those jobs I need to do, which make my life better, and reduce stress.”- Paul Murphy5/5 Rating”The Course instructor is a natural at what he does. This is not just a motivational talk, the whole course seem to be powered by a Will to stop procrastination. For me,i took my time to complete the course, and i can say that the effect started from the first course, i just began doing the things i had to do. I plan to share the course to a person or two as well.”- Raphael Popoola5/5 RatingHere are some of the things you will learn: How to deprive procrastination of its power with one simple thought experimentWhat procrastination actually is and why everyone procrastinatesSimple, yet powerful exercises for beating procrastinationWhy you should procrastinate on some things – the law of “the vital few” explained How to break a negative spiralWhy “being lazy” is a myth and how to develop the disciplineHow to trigger inspiration when you need itHow procrastination is related to lack of confidenceHow to improve your confidence to stop procrastinatingThe relationship between procrastination and FEAR – how to handle FEARWhy having a morning ritual is crucial