Are you burning out on teaching, tired of grinding through day after day of frustration, even though you used to be convinced that it was what you were meant to do? This course is for you. The instructor is a veteran teacher with experience inside and outside the US, and he walks through the four big ideas you need to rebuild a healthy teaching mindset. The course is interactive, with each chapter followed by thoughtful reflections that help you apply what youve learned immediately. The steps are applicable to any teacher, regardless of the subject, age of the students, or type of institution where you teach. Everyone in the education world knows that teacher burnout is a major problem, but most of the conversation is about how to change the external factors that cause it heavy workloads, poor support, insufficient funding, etc. This course recognizes that todays teachers cant afford to wait around for those things to change. They need to take action with the tools they already have within reach, starting with their own minds. Gonzlez knows from experience that even when you feel oppressed by the people and systems around you, there is a way to take joy in the act of teaching and do meaningful work, despite the obstacles. Burnout happens when you live in a constant state of stress and negative emotions, and theres freedom in recognizing that all that stuff is happening in your own head. Even if there are legitimate external triggers for that negativity, you have power over your response to those situations. This course will teach you a mindset that can transform your teaching days from something to grind through into something to look forward to.