APRACTICAL5 STEP SYSTEMTOBUILD YOURPROFITABLEHOMEBUSINESS. EACHSTEPISBROKENDOWNINTOTASKSTHATTAKE 30MINUTESTO 1 HOURTOCOMPLETE. PERFECTFORBUSYMOMSANDDADS WHO WANTTOMAXIMIZETHEIRTIMEWITHTHEIRKIDSMy name is Irene Rivkah Krasnoff, and I am a business strategist and coach for moms around the world who are interested in building a profitable business so that they can stay at home, earn the income they desire, and spend quality time with their kids, and never have to settle for an 8 to 5 job that does not fit with her family’s needs. Based on 20+ years experience in business strategy, consulting, and coaching where I helped organizations generate $50K to $1M in revenue, Ideveloped a simplified system for moms and dads to build theirbusinesses one step at a time. Most people that I have had the privilege to work with found my strategies “practical,” “actionable,” and “helpful for creating products/services that sell.”How To Build A Profitable Home-Business in a nutshell lays out the entire system you need to build a profitable business. In case you’ve little ones at home, I have laid out the system I personally used to take care of my toddler and work on projects for my business clients. THISCOURSEISFORYOUIF. You need to work and you don’t want to leave your baby or toddlers in daycareYou are a mom or dad of school age children and you want to be at home for them after school is overYou have always dreamed of owning your home businessYou would like to start your own business and you don’t know how to get startedYou want the power to make as much money as you wantYou want a flexible schedule that an 8 to 5 job cannot provideGETACCESSTOTOOLSANDSTRATEGIES THATWILLHELPYOUTOMAKETHEINCOMEYOUDESIRE! How to Start a Profitable Business With Little Ones at Home is designed specifically for moms and dads who want to run a business thatgenerates themoney they desire. The moms and dads who want to become business owners want an alternative to living paycheck to paycheck. They wantto provide for their kidsmore than just the basic needs for shelter, food, and clothing. Through earning as much money as possible via running a business, moms and dads can have extra money for college funds, retirement, and also discretionary money for all kinds of fun stuff like traveling, art lessons, music lessons, gymnastics, etc. There’s an increasing number of moms and dads starting their very own business because they also want the freedom to create their work schedule around their children’s needs. They want to spend as much extra quality time as possible with their children during the working hours, enjoying every single one of their child’s precious milestones like walking for the first time or seeing their child’s first school play performance. The world of the Internet has opened up unlimitedpossibilities for creating businesses very low start-upcosts. You can run a consulting business, a product based business selling clothes and jewelry for example, a bookkeeping business, a pet sitting business, a photography business, a life style business, a virtual assistant business, etc. The possibilities are endless. In this course, you will learn everything you need to create your profitable and highly successful business where: You are providing products or services that truly resonate with your ideal customers or clientsYou will learn all the strategies that my clients have used to build their hugelyprofitable businessesThrough using these proven strategies methodically, you can realistically design a business that yields you five, six, and over time even a seven figure revenue. HOWTOBUILDAPROFITABLEHOME-BUSINESS CONSISTS OF7 MODULESof 7 MODULESIntroductionModule 1: How ToCome up with a Business Idea & Use Google and Social Media to Validate ItModule 2: How To Find Your Ideal Customers, Conduct Free Market Research & Use ItTo Create Customized Products/Services Module 3: How to Create Your Basic Business Structure Module 4: Online and Offline Strategies for Marketing Your Products/Services Module 5: Strategies For Selling Your Products/Services Without Feeling Sleazy Module 6: How to Run Your Business & Take Care of Your Little Ones Module 7: Next Steps