We will go through a complete track production which ends in a microhouse pattern. We will cover all important aspects of the workflow. Everything will be done with the Elektron Digitakt, but you can adopt most of the principles to other grooveboxes as well. You’ll learn how to prepare Audio Material for the Digitakt, where to get Samples and how to discover your own style with just the selection of samples. We also talk about some Digitakt features. I will explain the most important functions that you can use to create textures and moving pads. Then you will see how you can build an interesting pattern with the 8 tracks of the Digitakt and how to keep them interesting over a longer performance time. We will cover everything from drums to percussions, bass, melodies and texture elements. Another chapter is dedicated to sound design. Here it’s all about giving your track its very own character using LFOs and conditional trigs. Last but not least, we will perform the new pattern and build a cool track out of it. This is not a Digitakt Beginner class. You need to know the basic operation of the machine. You will also need to know some basic musical knowledge as we won’t cover chord progression and music theory. Have fun with the class!