Learnthe basics, the tried-and-tested methods and discover the personal secrets of reversing diabetes type 2 from someone who has done just that. Follow the dedicated worksheets designed to help you conquer your own condition. Follow this inspiring step-by-step walk-through to recovery and a Diabetes-free life Realize that it is possible to reverse Diabetes Learn effective new ways to bring down your weight and blood sugar levels Recognise the obstacles that prevented your progress, and overcome them Discover the personally-proven tools and techniques for defeating Diabetes No-nonsense advice, guidance and practical exercises to overcome Type 2 Diabetes Theres plenty of info and chat out there about Diabetes its a global epidemic now – but who can say theyve had it and now they dont! This unique authentic course, compiled by someone who has been through what youre going through, and has recovered to become non-diabetic, shares the tips and techniques that really work. Customising an action plan for yourself from the practical worksheets that accompany each lecture; will enable you to design your own recovery, by reducing your weight, bringing down your blood sugar numbers and re-designing your lifestyle to stay fit and free from Diabetes. Youll be able to look at your old habits and attitudes and help yourself to construct a new healthy mindset for overall wellbeing and freedom. Content and overview Whether youre newly diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 or youve been struggling of years, there are insights and options for you. Core subjects, such as exercise, weight loss, wholesome food and healthy eating habits, motivational techniques, plus the tools and the support youll need, and life-changing new attitudes are spelled out in clear instruction and compelling personal experience contained in direct engaging video, and location reports. The course is constructed in seven essential sections. Each section has seven high-quality videos of information, instruction and personal experience. The lectures are supported by downloadable resources (quizzes, questionnaires, worksheets and exercises) where you can practically test out for yourself what has been suggested. Charts and graphs enable you to track your own progress and motivate you to further success. And the final lecture in each section, an audio commentary of reflection, speaks directly to you and takes you a deeper level of understanding, in which you can allow the learning points to settle into your mind and lifestyle. Together, we can follow what I did to become free from Diabetes. By the end of this course, youll know everything I did and precisely how to do it for yourself.