Youre probably in the habit of measuring your preschoolers growth by checking his or her height and weight, but how can you measure your childs development in other areas, such asnumbers and counting early math skills?When you hear a child reciting perfectly the numerical scale:”1,2,3.10″ you think he is good at basic math, right?Flash news! Simply counting does not imply a true understanding of the concept of the number. It needsmore than that! It’s very important for parents and teachersto understand the difference between CONCEPTUAL LEARNING and SKILL DEVELOPMENT. Did you know that: Number sense skills can influence the children success in and out of school and it is the base children NEED to succeed in elementary school and beyond! This course is helpful for parents, grandparents, teachers, babysitters, nannies and any educator working with children between 3 and 7 years old, or more-if with learning difficulties. Teachers ( nannies, care givers, educators) can use this as a methodology guide when teaching number sense skills, as well as for inspirational activities. My name is Georgia Sas and I have about 10 years of professional studies in teaching children and psychology. As a former early childhood educator, kindergarten teacher and author of many child-oriented products, I have encountered many children with no healthy relationship with math or no relationship at all. This is not just affecting their math results, but also their general SUCCESS IN AND OUT OF SCHOOL. I am not saying that, studies say it. We, as adults, we hate math because we have been taught the wrong way. We were never taught howmath conceptsrelates to each other and with everyday life, not talking about making math look fun. This is the reason I created this course, my mission, my WHY: TO HELP YOU HELP YOUR CHILDREN BECOME BETTER THEN YOU! The course includes TIPS & TRICKS when teaching, positive & negative VERBAL REWARD system, in-details described NUMBER SENSE COMPONENTS (quantification, subitizing, one-to-one correspondance, number reprezentation, addition, subtraction and many more), STEP BY STEP guide for teaching 1-10 NUMERICAL SCALE, activity EXAMPLES, DOWNLOADABLE WORKSHEETS, GAMES, PRACTICAL ACTIVITIES, diy materials and many more. Ive integrated the best methodology of teaching NUMBER SENSE SKILLS with psychological tips, parenting advices, diy activities, inspirational games and many more. After attending this course, youll understand your childs learning steps, how it contributes to his general development, how to teach him step by step, how to evaluate the results of your teaching method, how to analyze the results and how to be creative by doing yourself activities and educational games. You can involve your kid in this handmade activity. It will stimulate his artistic abilities, will improve your connection with him by working together on a project, will allow you both express your imagination by changing and personalizing your crafts. Students from more then 100 countries have taken this course and love it: “Georgiana is clearly a very skilled expert in education! I absolutely recommend her course!” PLUS, during 2019 this course will be doubled in content. Surprize! So, there are a lot of benefits for both your child and youso lets give it the proper importance! If youre readywe can start!:) To your success, Georgia