I enjoyed Teresas course on Reversing Pre-diabetes and liked how it touched on the subject holistically. She covers many strategies for dealing with cravings. She also gives many practical strategies for keeping your blood sugar steady throughout the day. Jared D.If you want to lose 5-10% of your weight without going on some crazy fad diet, sign up today! You’ll choose your FAVORITE healthyfoods to create balanced meals, You’ll stop eating high glycemic foods that put on the pounds and send your blood sugar to the moon! You’ll discover which foods are so saturated with deadly pesticides that you’ll RUN to the stores that serveorganic food. You’ll discover how much exercise is required to lose weight andbalance your blood sugar, as well as the best type of exercise to raise your metabolism. For those who want to prevent Type 2 Diabetes, (or have already been diagnosed with Pre-diabetes), you’ll discoverwhich stage of Pre-Diabetes you may be in, and how to move your blood sugar back into the healthy zone. Because so many of you may be STRESSEATERS, I’ve thrown in some Guided Meditations and encouraging thoughts between the lessons. Your key to success in this program is to FOLLOW THROUGH with the assignments, which are in the resource section. A second key to success is by getting a family member or friend to take the course along with you. together! You’re more likely to stay the course. Have a weight loss buddy! Enroll today! To your health! Udemy’s 30 day money back guarantee.