Learn how to sing, perform & think like a professional artist: This Udemy Vocal Psychology course is a complete masterclass with original, high quality coachings on the subject of, based on the Vocal Psychology coaching program. You will also receive a FULL E-BOOK with all the information you need in order to learn how to sing, perform & think like a professional artist. Hi darlings! My name is Maru, and I’m going to teach you how to sing, perform & think like a professional artist, and how to set yourself up for a successful singing career.I started my career as a psychologist in the Netherlands, and quickly realized I wanted to follow my passion for music. Long story short, I really did not know how to sing or how to perform at all, I was far from a natural singer. The one thing I had was the sheer determination to learn. Id love to share with you how I went from an ok singer to consistently getting the most wonderful praise for my vocals, hearing my songs on the radio, getting signed as a singer/songwriter for Sony/ATV, and most importantly: singing in front of large & appreciative audiences all over the world and actually ENJOYING it instead of feeling. embarrassed. Heres what you can expect from this course: Section 1 addresses all the possible obstacles you may face, from feeling physically blocked to any self-limiting beliefs and negative self-talk you may experience. ANY issue is solvable with the right tools, the right technique and the right mindset! Section 2 offers an amazing way to lead from emotion when you sing. This is a GUARANTEED way to win fans and deeply move your audience. Section 3 delves deeper into what it means to be a professional artist. Having a great voice is amazing, but only the beginning if you want to make singing your career! We will go over some crucial elements that separate the amateurs from the pros. Section 4 focuses in on ways to continuously improve your voice, your performance and yourself. Progress, not perfection is the goal! Please note: this course does not offer singing exercises! We focus on building a brand, a style and a success mindset. Please check my course on Voice Technique for the technical part of singing. My former and current students are now releasing songs professionally, doing regular live gigs, are getting private auditions on talent shows such as The Voice & Americas Got Talent, and are confident singers on stage and in the studio. I’ve been very fortunate to sing professionally and get the most exciting opportunities, after genuinely thinking I did not have a chance. and now YOU can learn how to be a professional artist. Set yourself up for success by considering these tricks and ideas that took me years to accumulate! Rooting for you, MaruPS: Ill gladly answer your questions in the discussion board!