How long do you spend sitting?How long do you spend sitting at your desk during the day? Now add on the time you spend relaxing in front of the TV on the sofa in the evenings and perhaps the commute in the car or train on the way to and from workMore than 5 hours?Youre probably sitting for much longer than you realise and have been doing so for many years. At N8 Health, weregularly see patients in our practice suffering with lower back pain and one of the main causes is prolonged sitting. Principal Chiropractor, Dr Paul McCrossin has over 23 years experience in practice and lower back pain, neck pain and headaches are the some of the most common issues he sees associated with occupations which involve prolonged sitting. Our bodies werent designed to sit for multiple hours a day and be immobile. We also know it is not easy to avoid being immobile if you work in an office. Wouldnt you love to put an end to those aches and pains and feel safe in the knowledge that you can be at your desk at work and still be healthy? Carefully crafted from our own research, the exercises we give to our practice members and our experience in practice, Sit Healthy is your one stopsolution to guilt-free, healthy sitting.