Want to start a venture of your own?Find a niche. Start solo and run lean. Capital efficient ventures remain the best way to build healthy, robust businesses for a large number of entrepreneurs. Sure, there are exceptions like Facebook, Google, and Amazon that are built differently. But those are low probability scenarios. And raising money for fat startups has become very difficult. And dont believe the myth that solo entrepreneurs do not succeed. Can you succeed as a solo entrepreneur?Yes. Without a doubt. You ALWAYS start alone. And in these days of virtual companies, you can get lots of help as a solopreneur and get very far in your quest for product-market fit, validation, even traction. You can even bootstrap with a paycheck. Can a solopreneur raise funding?You dont need a full executive team for seed funding. However, solo entrepreneurs typically have difficulty in raising seed funding. Investors prefer at least one co-founder. If you are a solo founder bootstrapping, you should put all your energy into getting to product-market fit, and getting to paying customers. Not on trying to artificially fill a co-founder position. The way to mitigate this is by bootstrapping your startup to traction, where you have paying customers and a clear path to high velocity customer acquisition as a solo founder. If those metrics are in place, you can raise money without a co-founder. Listen to several successful founders tell how they began as solopreneurs, bootstrapped, built virtual companies and raised funding. This course will teach the strategies you need to understand and employ.