The 5 Phases of Healing is a fundamental model for understanding the terrains of health and disease. The model is based on hundreds of thousands of measurements on patients as they were getting sick and then as they were restoring their health. The basic pattern provides the roadmap and the markers along the way to help you navigate back to full radiant health. The terrains show you your susceptibility to specific types of diseases before symptoms appear. They also help you restore wellbeing beyond simply eliminating disease. Wellness is more than lack of illness. Wellness is fitness, performance, comfort and quality of life. The purpose of healing is the restoration of an actively developing life of the intellect and spirit. The numbering and naming of the Phases in this model is oriented around health. Thus, as you health improves, your Phase score increases. The minimum is 1 and the maximum is 5. While the sequence can be segmented clinically into additional subdivisions, 5 is the minimum to cover the essential distinctions. As Einstein put it, make your model as simple as possible, and no simpler. Phase 1: Energize Phase 1 is low energy terrain. At low energy levels, the water surrounding a cell loses its coordinated hexagonal sheet structure. Without this energy shield, viruses and toxins can passively diffuse to reach the cell membrane. Just as in the laboratory, viruses can only replicate in a medium of attenuated cells. The aerobic respiration in the mitochondria is responsible for 90% of the energy production of a healthy cell. Without adequate energy, cellular function cannot be sustained, and degenerative processes progress. Phase 2: Rejuvenate In Phase 2 terrain, there is adequate energy to support opportunistic bacterial and parasitic life forms. Energy that is not utilized by the enzymes of the cells can supply a growth medium for foreign organisms. In restoring the function of the cell, energy and accessible nutrients are utilized to rebuild the structures and functional enzyme systems. When cellular enzymes are fully functional, there is no longer an opportunity for infectious bacteria and parasitic organisms to invade body tissues. Phase 3: Regenerate When damaged proteins and dead cells accumulate in body tissues, conditions become ripe for fungal growth. Fungi recycle dead organic matter in the body as they do in the environment. When conditions allow for enzymatic tissue cleansing, immune-regulated oxidation and lymphatic drainage of wastes space is cleared for tissue regeneration. Restored cells can build up sufficient resources of both material and energy to undergo mitotic cell division. The liver, for example, can regenerate from 2% to the full complement of parenchymal cells in a health body. Phase 4: Cleanse Phase 4 is a high energy state of the connective tissues. That excess energy is in the form of acids, wastes, toxins and allergens, as well as accompanying electrons and light. The connective tissue is the home of every cell. When this connective tissue is overburdened with toxins, wastes and excess proteins, conditions exist for allergic or other local inflammatory responses as an attempt to cleanse the tissue. Phase 5: Balance Balance is a process of auto regulation. Physiological regulation involves the negative feedback loops of the endocrine system and the autonomic nervous system. The psycho-emotional-spiritual aspect of self governance is closely related to these physiological systems. Both elements are in constant interplay throughout the 5 Phases. When one of the lower 4 Phases is dominant, the Balancing function is more or less present as an overlay.