This is not your standard How to course. This goes beyond the How to stage as the author shares his experience with playing so that you have a deeper and richer play experience. In order to do this the course is divided into lectures that give advice that goes beyond the rules found it the Players Handbooks and Dungeons Master’s Guides. Useful of years to come. The best thing about this course is that it is not designed for any one edition of the game. So this is just as useful for someone playing with some old AD & D books or the much awaited fifth edition, D & D Next. This means that this book will be useful for many, many years to come. Gets you ready to play. The first section is all about getting ready to play a game and includes a list of all the supplies you will need. The author also gives you a run down about the different editions of Dungeons and Dragons. Also in this section is advice on how to find other players to join or form a gaming group to play with. Advice on being player. Section two is a companion to the character creation process found in the Players Handbooks. This sections talks about the roles that characters play within the adventuring party. Moral outlooks of the characters and their reasoning for being adventures. Also the standard gear that any hero is going to need on a quest. Advice on being a Dungeon Master. The third part of the book is advice on crafting adventures and being the Dungeon Master that is in charge of the game. From crafting the plot of the adventure to playing the villain, and even how to pace out the rewards you give to the plays, this section is rich in advice. DIY Projects. Lastly the book has a few projects that will help players save some cash by showing them how to make props. These projects use a mixture of different skill sets such as sewing, cutting, and even faking paper aging. All in all, this is the prefect course for someone that wants to go beyond and really learn how to play a great game of Dungeons and Dragons.