Hunger Games Memes For Everyone Rewatching The Movies On Netflix

We’re amidst a Hunger Games revival, and that’s not an accident. The prequel to the trilogy, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, is getting its own movie adaptation in November, and the powers that be are making sure everybody is rewatching and rereading The Hunger Games series before it comes out. My entire TikTok feed is nothing but Hunger Games content right now, and I’m here for it! If you haven’t seen the TikToks from that girl (if you know, you know) who intensely analyzes the characters of the Hunger Games Series, you are missing out! 

I remember attending the first night of The Hunger Games movie. I drank the biggest Diet Coke my local AMC had to offer, and halfway through the movie, I had to use the restroom so badly. I decided I would go once Rue died because I did not want to miss that extremely memorable emotional moment. Once the riots started in District 11, I bolted to the restroom like I was in The Hunger Games myself. I missed less than a minute of the film, and it was one of the best theatre-going experiences of my young life. If you have a fun memory from being a Hunger Games fan a decade ago, comment below!