Hunting And Fishing Memes For Country Kids

Country boy, I love you! Let’s be real here…hunting and fishing are pretty fun activities. I have yet to go hunting, but I was known to brandish a fishing pole when I was a kid. My grandpa’s buddy had a lake in his backyard and I had a blast reeling in fish. Ever since I became a city boy, I’ve been dying to do it again. Hunting and fishing aren’t those activities like ice skating or rock climbing that can be done in urban areas indoors as well as in the wilderness. You really have to get dirty and go into the natural world

The thing that ties hunting and fishing together is strategy and patience. You can’t hunt or fish without those qualities unless you want to have a terribly unsuccessful experience. It’s not always ideal to wait hours to find a buck or a nibble, but once you get it, it’s all worth it.